Family House

Ground floor renovation






41 sqm

The makeover of a family house in The Netherlands

The makeover of this family house in The Netherlands was necessary to make the space more comfortable for its owner. This house needed a renovation in order to be adapted to the daily needs of the family.

2 glass walls replace the solid walls to let natural light enter the hallway.

To be able to work occasionally, a wall desk with 2 drawers is added under the glass wall of the living room.

The low wall between the kitchen and the living room has been removed to facilitate the circulation and create a bigger space visually. The light can cross the kitchen and the living room.

The closet door under the stairs has been replaced by a sliding door to reduce clutter.

The marble floor in the kitchen contrasts with the wood floor in the living room.

The house is brighter and the 3D images allow you to project yourself into this new space.

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Before / After

Old kitchen with a partial wall Makeover family house, new kitchen