Fresque contemporaine

A contemporary mural for a unique interior decoration






10 m2

A contemporary mural for a unique interior decoration

This family contacted me to arrange the playroom which is on the lower floor and the staircase which leads to it. They were interested in having a contemporary mural in order to create a unique interior decoration

Indeed, the parents had noticed that the children did not like to play in the playroom downstairs and the white staircase was not inviting at all.

After the analysis of their needs and a creation phase, we chose a contemporary mural to create a personalized interior decoration. Nevertheless, the other decorative elements of the house have been taken into account.

The wall fresco has the advantage of being a unique piece. You can make it tell a story and personalize it as much as possible.

Also, creating a contemporary mural in your interior means encouraging the work of a local artist.

The contemporary mural

The 4 chosen colors take up the colors of the original tiles laid on the floor in the entrance and on the landing.

These 4 colors also represent the 4 members of this family with their personality while being inseparable.

These 4 colours reflect their taste for travel and for joyful moments.

The mural details

This contemporary mural runs on several walls and several angles creating a movement that invites you to discover the lower part of the mural.

The details also continue under the stairs.

Children are no longer afraid to go down to play in the playroom, the goal has been achieved!

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