Decorate with murals

Decorate your interior with murals






25 m2

Would you dare to decorate your interior with murals?

Don’t panic, I’m here to guide you. We discuss together the style that suits you the most. I offer several styles of murals that may please you while taking into account the history and architecture of the building as well as the brightness.

Then, I find the artist whose style is closest to your wishes.

I manage the artistic direction so that the artist designs his first sketches.

As soon as the client approves the colors and the sketches, the artist can start making the murals.

Decorating with murals will make your interior original, unique and personal.

Working with an artist for your murals is also a co-creation experience, the decor is created especially for you.

Decorating with murals: the first sketches

Floor begins to draw the murals previously approved by the client in faded colors in order to master the shapes and proportions.

Colors paint

Secondly, the artist paints all the murals in pastel shades of the final colors.

The 3 murals in the living room, in the baby’s room and in the teenager’s room come alive.

Murals set the scene

The murals were designed and made by Floor Milou Smit.