A stunning & personalized cocoon






45 sqm.

A renovated and custom made apartment in Amsterdam: from ordinary to stunning.

Turning a classic apartment into a stunning and personalized cocoon was the client’s request.

As an expat, the client needed to feel at home in this apartment in Amsterdam.

The apartment was recently renovated but the client needed to:

  • Make it more homey with a warm and welcoming ambience.
  • Optimize the storage as much as possible.
  • Add a desk to work from home.

Our mission for this project was:

  1. Planning the layout design,
  2. Drawing the custom-made cabinet
  3. The renovation companies selection and coordination,
  4. Selecting the furniture and the styling.

The moodboard for the living room

turning a classic apartment into a stunning and personalized cocoon

A renovated and custom made apartment in Amsterdam needs:

High-end materials

We placed wooden panels on the wall behind the couch to create an accent wall and define the living room space.

The upper cabinets in the kitchen were  not aligned with the countertop, it looked odd. We replaced the upper cabinets by new ones.

The old tiled backsplash was replaced by a long mirror backsplash in order to reflect the natural light. It gives the impression the room is bigger.

We hang new rattan lamps which highlight the roof frame.

The dining area welcomes a marble table and 3 chairs with a full size fridge.

Salon comme un cocon sur mesure
Renovated apartment in Amsterdam
The dining area

Custom-made furniture to optimize the storage

The entrance of the apartment is via the stairs. We added 2 custom made drawers to store shoes.

The space under the stairs allowed to create more storage and secure the stairs.

We added a railing on the wall to make it even more secure.

Renovated apartment in Amsterdam
Renovated apartment in Amsterdam

The hidden desk

The hidden desk is custom-built in the attic but it doesn’t feel crooked thanks to the view on the roof beams and on the living room dowstairs. 

We built a piece of wall to close the desk and define the area.

We use every single space of this apartment to make it more homey.

Renovated apartment in Amsterdam
Top view After the renovation

Details are what turned this classic apartment into a stunning cocoon

  • In the living room, the leather cabinets door handles and the floating shelf bring some character to the room.


  • In the bedroom, the leather headboard brings comfort and elegance to the room.


  • The wooden and smoked glass sliding door keeps the privacy of the bathroom without shouting down the natural light.


Top view Before Top view After the renovation

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