5 tips for welcoming spring at home

Mother Nature has been asleep and rested the whole winter but spring is coming soon.

 The season change can bring you joy, peace and relaxation at home.

In a way, the body is also asleep during winter, we spend less time outside, and we eat more comfort food during Sinterklass and Christmas events. The body is slowing down.

Spring is the opportunity to awake our 5 senses, to add more consciousness in our daily lives in order to feel lighter and to feel better.

Etagère en bois LOVE

1. Sight

  • My first advice is to surround yourself with plants and flowers. Adding plants and flowers in all the rooms of your house will bring life into it.

Watching the plants growing, living, changing along the seasons is very resourceful.

Small, big, growing fast, growing slowly, even if you don’t have green fingers, there are plants for everyone and every rooms don’t worry!


  • My second tip is to apply the biophilic design by using natural patterns in your decor.

For example, posters of flowers or plants can decorate a kitchen or an office.

Dry flowers can bring colours in a living room.

If you are in the mood for bigger renovation, you can apply a landscape design wallpaper in a corridor or in a bedroom.


  • My third tip is to clear and clean your home. Clearing your home or your office will also clear your mind at the same time.

Then you are ready for spring and summer.

You may already know Marie Kondo, the expert in home organizing.

With her method, you know where to start to have a fresh and steady home.

ensemble de coussins, palmier

2. Touch

 Change the textiles and the fabrics in your home, just like you do with your clothes.

You store your wool jumpers in your wardrobe and you rather wear cooler clothes, right?

In winter, we like comfortable and warm fabrics in the house such as a wool plaid, velvet cushions or bouclette curtains for example.

In spring, you can let these warm fabrics in the closet until next winter and replace them with natural fabrics such as a linen plaid, some cotton curtains and bamboo cotton pillows.

Bougie avec des fleurs

3. Smell

In winter, we rather go for sweet and warm scents like cinnamon, vanilla, wood perfumes.

Spring is the blooming season.

You can replace your winter candles and sticks by some flower, lemon and fresh grass home perfume.

It will give a fresh smell and it contributes to a positive mood.

Of course, the plants and the flowers you add in your home will clean the air and bring a nice smell as well.

Oranger sur un balcon

4. Taste

We saw earlier the benefits of importing more plants inside your home.  What about the outside?

If you have a garden, you are the lucky one!

But you don’t need a garden or a large terrace to plant some tomatoes, some strawberries or some herbs.

The minimum you need is a French balcony, not because I am French..

Growing your own vegetables and herbs doesn’t take much time.

You will be so proud of eating your own fresh harvest. From the balcony to the plate in just 2 minutes.

Gardening is well-known for relaxing so it’s time to plant!

Relaxation, vue sur les montagnes

5. Ear

Just open the window and listen to the birds, there are very active in this season.

If you live in the city-center and the only thing you can hear when you open the window is the traffic jam and the motorcycle klaxons.

Then, you can find plenty of nature sound playlists.

For more information about spring decoration, contact me!