Plan your renovation work
Plan the renovation work

Why is it a good idea to plan your renovation work during your summer vacation?

Summer vacation is the longest vacation for many people, it is also the time when you are away from home the most.

I always recommend, as much as possible, to carry out the work when you do not yet live in the place. You will avoid dust, being inconvenienced in your daily life. Moreover, you won’t disturb the craftsmen who work in your home. You will avoid taking risks with the machines of the craftsmen which remain there even in the evening.

However, this is not always feasible so summer vacation is a good alternative.

Nowadays, we can organize site meetings by video from your vacation spot. It’s always less stressful when you’re by the pool, right?

  • Obviously, before your departure on vacation, the budget must be well defined. The work must be planned, the renovation companies will be consulted beforehand to plan a schedule which will coincide with your dates of absence.

So what renovations can I do?

I’m going on vacation for 1 week:

I can change windows, or redo parquet or tiling on a large area.

My vacation lasts 2 weeks:

I can renovate my bathroom or my kitchen (from floor to ceiling). If you only have one bathroom at home, it is unusable during the work, so you might as well take advantage of it while you go on vacation, right?

All materials must be ordered in advance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

I am planning renovations for 3 weeks:

We can redo the insulation of the roof or attic for the following winter, replace all the windows. The walls can also be painted and you get a nice surprise when you are back at home.

We will have enough time to respect the drying times.

Je planifie mes travaux pendant 1 mois de congé:

We can consider demolition or building an additional wall, upgrading the whole electricity, wall coatings and painting.

Coverings for all floors. We can respect drying times.

My accommodation is free for 2 months:

This is the opportunity to create the house extension you dream of, provided that all administrative procedures have been completed with the administrations upstream.

Of course, not all renovation companies work in the summer, but I select those that work at the same time as me.

Summer is also a good season for all insulation, heating and energy renovation work.

Photo: Rene Asmussen

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