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Why hire an interior designer ?

Clarify your ideas and be guided in your choices

You may have flogged magazine pages, made Pinterest boards to keep decorative photos, or saved inspiring posts on Instagram. Here you are with all these photos accumulated over several months, years. You are no longer sure which rules to follow and which to apply. The interior designer interprets these images and brings to life the atmosphere that suits you and mirrors you. Hiring an interior designer means truly surrounding yourself with what you love.

Save time and energy to focus on the essentials

Decorating or renovating a place takes time. First, you must define the layout of the space and the general atmosphere. Then, identify the colours, materials, furniture that you like and brands that match your budget and your values. Finally, there are all those little details that we forget but which finish the design, a door handle, an electricity switch, etc. The interior designer makes a selection for you and you can dedicate your time and energy to your loved ones and your hobbies. Your project takes place in all serenity.

Project yourself into a new space

Renovating a home or offices is a great project which requires being able to imagine all the possibilities offered by the volumes. Whether furnished or empty, or depending on the daylight, spaces can appear larger or smaller. Some details escape us on a first visit. We rediscover them on a second visit, perhaps a chimney, a column or a badly placed radiator. We have to deal with these details which become constraints of the interior architecture. The central island you’ve been dreaming of will eventually take up all the space in the kitchen and you have to review the plans.

The interior designer is there to guide you in appreciating these volumes to make the best use of them according to your needs: this is space optimization.

Increase the value of a property

You want to decorate your home and feel good at home. However, you are also thinking about reselling your home some day and overly decorating it could hamper the sale. Working with an interior designer can be expensive, but poor organization of volumes and poor decor will cost you even more. Indeed, a decoration out of step with the place can become expensive for the owner. You will certainly have to lower the price of the sale or redo work to succeed in selling this property. An interior designer accompanies you and comforts you in your choices to create the interior you like while respecting the place and its history.


The interior designer must constantly follow the innovations of materials in order to offer you the best. At JR Interior Design, we share with you our knowledge of the most suitable materials for your interior. We offer you brands in development and recommend local artisans.

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