Custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture still suffers from preconceived ideas.

It would be too expensive, too long to manufacture or even dedicated only to large pieces of furniture.

However, I often include custom-made furniture in my interior designs while respecting my clients’ budgets.

With custom furniture, space is optimized, the 15 cm remaining between the furniture and the wall are used perfectly. Dust no longer nestles in the 20 cm remaining between the furniture and the ceiling.

With off-the-shelf furniture that does not fit perfectly in the dedicated location, we tend to slip a few extra storage baskets over there, or a large suitcase for example. On the sides, a broom, an ironing board, or whatever you want to hide discreetly.

Does this remind you of something? A room in particular?

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A personalized rendering

Custom furniture adapts to your needs. You know your storage needs, the craftsman can therefore create doors and drawers in the dimensions that suit you. The craftsman personalizes the materials, dimensions, colours, this piece of furniture will be unique for you.

Also, the more complicated the space will be to arrange, the more custom-made furniture will take on its full value / meaning, such as under a staircase or in converted attics.

Moreover, custom furniture is often appreciated for resale, storage is often seen as an advantage by buyers. Thus, the new owner will not have to find a solution to arrange storage space.


The big brands also offer customizable solutions, you can even do online simulations from home, so we ask ourselves the question:

Why go through a craftsman?

When you go through a furniture brand, you create your furniture according to the brand’s catalog. You personalize within the limits of the options predefined by the brand. You will not be sure that the furniture will fully adapt to your space or that your furniture will be unique.

Although customizable, commercial furniture will always use the same less noble materials than those used by the craftsman.

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The price

As you create your customizable branded furniture, you notice that the price goes up very quickly. In the end, the price of the customizable piece of furniture is far from the brand’s initial price.

Do you still think that custom furniture made by a craftsman is too expensive?

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Proximity to the craftsman

You meet the craftsman and he explains his manufacturing process to you, you may even be able to visit his workshop. You will not have this opportunity elsewhere.

If you work with a decorator, he can design the furniture according to your needs by giving all the details to the craftsman and follow the realization.

Local consumption and environmental impact

The craftsman will always be closer to you than the factories of the big brands that work abroad. A professional will use local or European materials while the traceability of commercial furniture is almost impossible.

The environmental impact of custom-made furniture is less since the craftsman does not ship his furniture from abroad.

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Ease of installation

The artisan who creates custom-made furniture generally wishes to install it by himself rather than delegating the installation which could damage the furniture.

No more assembly worries that take hours.

A big thank you to Nicolas from Poligone Créations and to Marie from Baem Création for their photos and their kindness.

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