The layout of a second home

The layout of a second home is not exactly the same as a primary residence. It is important to know what use you will make of this second home, how long you will stay there each year and whether you plan to temporarily rent this second home.

Maison secondaire

The style

The history of the place is important and represents a major source of inspiration for the decoration.

If this holiday home has been part of your family for a long time and is located in your native region, you can take inspiration from the local culture, the colours of the region and the surrounding nature. Respect the building, the history of the place or the city.

Traditional regional houses:

  • The Normandy thatched cottage,
  • The half-timbered house in eastern France,
  • The Provencal farmhouse
  • The Basque house,
  • The Bordeaux stall,
  • The Vendée bourrine
  • The Breton malouiniere

The idea is not to reproduce a decor of yesteryear but rather to add inspirations of the region by touch while remaining practical for guests to use. Nor is it a question of creating a style from another region, for example, we will not decorate a Provencal house like an Alpine chalet and vice versa.

Guests are looking for a change of scenery and choose this region to enjoy it temporarily.

In the case of a second home in the city, such as a pied-à-terre apartment, you can opt for a more contemporary interior.

Chaise bois

The furniture

You might be tempted to rent your vacation home as is with existing decor and furnishings. However, if the decor is too personal, the hosts who rent your accommodation might feel uncomfortable.

Be sure to remove family photos, furniture should be emptied for guests to store their belongings. Any item that is broken or in poor condition must be repaired or replaced.

Mobilier d'exterieur

The use

It is important to imagine all the possible scenarios by asking yourself the following questions:

o How often do you want to stay at this secondary habitat?

o What would be the average length of your stay?

o How often do you plan to rent your second home?

o How many guests can stay there? More of a couple on a city trip? Rather a family? Rather a group of friends?

Depending on your answers, the layout and equipment of your second home will be different.

Make guests feel at home with all the comforts they need.

For a residence receiving families, it will be necessary to ensure the safety of children, such as the protection of electrical outlets for example. You can provide a foldable cot and a high chair which will be appreciated by parents.

For a secondary apartment dedicated to couples, you can provide wine glasses and champagne glasses.

If your second home has an exterior, you will need to plan for the maintenance of the garden and the swimming pool if there is one.

The smaller the accommodation, the more it will be necessary to provide modular furniture in order to optimize space, such as folding tables, seat benches, hooks on the walls. Multiply the storage space so that guests can feel comfortable and empty their suitcases. For small areas, high storage will save you floor space for better circulation.




Where to find the furniture?

Of course, you can re-use old furniture, especially if it is typical of the region, but don’t go for the total look which will instead give the impression of being at Grand Ma’s.

If you are adept at flea markets, you can find beautiful pieces of furniture, just be careful to avoid the build-up and the junk look that can be disturbing.

Look to your favorite brands, so you won’t be disappointed, you will be able to enjoy your second home and during rental periods, your guests will be at their ease.

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