A warm and modern style apartment






100 sqm.

A warm and modern style apartment

This expatriate couple contacted me for the project of a new built apartment in Amsterdam.

They needed advice on the lighting plan, the electrical plan, the materials in order to inform the builder.

In addition to that, I advised them on decoration and interior design to create an apartment with a modern and warm style.

The Living Room

The gray polished concrete floor sets the tone for a modern living room. The dark blue velvet sofa and wooden furniture warm the atmosphere.

The living room hosts an office space behind the sofa. 

The dining area is integrated into the kitchen for a totally open effect.

The Master Bedroom

Thanks to the full-length bay window, the master bedroom is a very bright room.

We can therefore afford a black wall as a headboard. Black brings warmth and serenity to this room.

A second workspace has been added in the corner thanks to this wall-mounted desk.

Storage will be added along the entire length.

The toddler bedroom

The child’s room has a simple decor with 2 dots painted in nude and almond green on the wall.

A house bed is reminiscent of childhood, as is the bookcase in the shape of a house.

A caning flower lamp responds to the 2 round shapes on the wall.

The minimalistic Bathroom

Without a window, the all-black, white and gray bathroom has a minimalist style.