Space optimization of a family home






100 sqm.

3 versions for a space optimization of a family home

The house of this family of 4 did not quite meet their daily needs. They needed:

  • A full-time workspace,
  • A second occasional workspace,
  • A laundry room.

I created 3 interior layout plans to optimize the space.

1st step: we discussed their lifestyle and daily needs during an on-site interview. At the same time, I was able to take the dimensions of the 3 floors and to take some photos of the place.

2nd step: From all these elements, I was able to make 3 versions of the interior layout plans for the 3 floors.

3 versions from the simplest to the most complex; from the cheapest to the one that requires the most investment.

I help you optimize your space according to your daily needs.

I can also review and verify your plans if you have any concerns.

Space optimization of a family home: option 1

The bedroom in the attic already accommodated an office space. However, to take advantage of each space and no longer have the impression of working in the bedroom, we will add a glass space divider. The glass wall will delimit the night space from the workspace while taking advantage of the light coming through the room.

On the 1st floor the shower will be partitioned to create a laundry room.

A wall-mounted desk will be installed in the living room, under the stairs, for occasional use.

Space optimization of a family home: option 2

This second option takes up the idea of the glass wall to separate the workspace from the bedroom side.

However, the laundry room is created in a storage room at the entrance. The bathroom remains unchanged with its shower, double sink and bathtub.

Space optimization of a family home: option 3

The 3rd plans foresee the children’s bedrooms in the attic (2nd floor) and using the smallest bedroom on the 1st floor to create an office / guest room.

An extra desk can be placed in the master bedroom for occasional work.

Before / After

Plan 1 er étage Optimisation intérieur d'une maison familiale