Rénovation d'une entrée: vue 3

Rénovation d’une entrée





Velp, Pays-Bas

8 m2

When buying their house, this family had already renovated several rooms, leaving the entrance until later. The decor of the hallway did not correspond at all with the style of the living room and lacked storage.

The renovation of the hallway has therefore become the new project for the end of 2021.

The only constraint imposed by this family was to keep the piano in the hall.

3 proposed projects include:

  • The replacement of the door leading to the living room with a sliding glass door. Thus, light can pass through the entrance and you no longer feel isolated when playing the piano.
  •  A mirror is added to give depth and reflect the light.

Entrance renovation Project 1: Gray, white and wood

The light oak wood floor replaces the tiled floor.

A large corner wardrobe takes up the space under the stairs and the steps are repainted in white.

A low cabinet can accommodate all the family’s shoes.

Entrance renovation Project 2: Plant inspiration and cement tiles

To recall the client’s native England, a wallpaper with a plant pattern occupies the main wall. Cement tiles add an extra touch to the room.

The piano is moved under the stairs to create a cozy corner with a carpet that delimits the space.

Entrance renovation Project 3: Entrance in yellow, wood and white

In this version, the configuration of the room is the same as in project 2. However, the wallpaper is graphic and yellow to give a solar effect to the entrance.

Before / After

Chez la cliente avant la rénovation de l'entrée Rénovation d'une entrée: vue 3