Layout of a recent house






150 sqm.

Layout of a recent house in Nijmegen

This young couple bought this pretty recent house to start their family there.

Although the house is almost new, the too industrial style of dark gray tiles and black details did not suit them.

The idea was therefore to create an interior that corresponded to the tastes and styles of the clients.

After opting for this moodboard with a soft and warm atmosphere, the layout had to be changed.

Layout of the living and dining areas

3D renders

The 3D renderings allowed customers to compare several layouts with or without the fireplace.

In the final layout, the clients chose to keep the fireplace and position the sofa area on the garden side. The dining area, less used, is smaller. However, the extendable table can accommodate 8 guests.

We also added a custom made storage cabinet in the corner.

The mirrors bring depth to the corner of the fireplace.

Shopping List for the living room

Layout of the master bedroom

In the same harmony as the living room, the bedroom will be covered in soft, enveloping colors and natural materials.

Shopping list for the master bedroom

The bedroom is painted with 2 warm colors and the walls are adorned with soft posters.

The wooden furniture and light fabrics invite you to relax.