Interior layout plans






49 sqm.

4 interior design plans options

For this couple who is expecting their first child, I have proposed 4 interior layout plans to optimize the space. In the coming months, they will have:

a master bedroom,
a nursery,
A large bathroom,
a guest bedroom-office

1st step: we discussed the lifestyle habits and daily needs of the customers during a video interview. The clients also showed me (via video) the floor to be fitted out.

2nd step: The clients provided me with the existing plans of their house, photos and videos of the floor as well as the requested measurements.

3rd step: From these elements, I was able to make 4 versions of the interior layout plans for the floor of their house. 4 versions from the simplest to the most complex; from the cheapest to the one that requires the most investment.

I help you optimize your space according to your daily needs.

I can also review and verify your plans if you have any doubts.

Interior layout plan: option 1

Plan aménagement intérieur option 1

Interior layout plan: option 2

Plan aménagement intérieur option 2

Interior layout plan: option 3

Plan aménagement intérieur option 3

Interior layout plan: option 4

Plan aménagement intérieur option 4

Before / After

Plan d'aménagement intérieur d'origine Plan aménagement intérieur option 1