Color harmony for a personalized home decor






150 sqm.

Harmony of colors and materials for a personalized decorative style

This expatriate family settled permanently in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. By understanding their way of living in their house and from their respective influences, I was able to create a home style that corresponds to them.

The objective was to personalize this recent house so that the clients feel at home.

I offered them 2 styles and 2 color palettes per room, keeping a guideline between each room.

Some decor elements owned by the clients have been included in the looks.

After choosing the moodboard that spoke to them the most, I prepared a selection of furniture and decor accessories for each room.

The clients received:

  • 2 moodboards per room.
  • 1 selection of furniture and accessories per room.
  • 1 shopping list per room with the links of the items to purchase and to create the decor.

Living room style: nature inspired

Color harmony home style

Garden atmosphere: soft and natural in the continuity of the living room

Green and natural fabric style for this garden

Atmosphere of the master bedroom: softness and calm

Color harmony home style

Kid's bedroom style: playful

Warm tones for this kid's bedroom

Home Office 1 ambience 1: Focus

Grey shades to focus in this home office room

Atmosphere of the guest room: timeless and cocooning

Color harmony home style

Home Office harmony 2: warm colors for a cozy style

Inspiring warm tones for this home office space